Asin: Bikini Yes or No

Ready is only a couple of weeks away from real and highly anticipated film of 2011. After a boring race, Asin is in exchange for some time.The good actress is also getting his chance in Housefull Sajid Khan 2.

But amid all these is Asin in a dilemma about her bikini act in Housefull 2 and is unable to decide.

"Asin dilemma is rooted in his post earlier when she had not done any films in Bollywood. Over the years, Asin has cultivated an image of being faithful to its traditions, but it seems that his brush with Bollywood has shaken the foundations . Now, Asin knows that to survive in Bollywood has to have some hot ratio and also wear a bikini could be the initial step in that direction, "reveals our source.

The film demands an act of two pieces of Asin. Let's see what you decide ...