Arshad Warsi is risky consequences, but excited "Ishqiya 2 '

Arshad Warsi has worked on a couple of sequels to films and is risky, but at the same time is excited with the second installment of "Ishqiya" because it is the role of a rustic man challenging. "Finally, it was decided that the sequel to 'Ishqiya' is being done. I'm very happy about that." Ishqiya 'is the hard way that "dhamaal' or 'Golmaal' because it is a character who speaks a different dialect" , Arshad told IANS.

"It is quite another person. I have not played a character before. So speak that language, behaving in this way, body language, color and attitude - everything is different. Therefore, it is exciting and fun" he said.

The film will be out later this year plants.

"I have not heard the script yet. I've been told is very good and I have complete faith in Vishal (Bhardwaj) and Abhishek (Chaubey), so that the script will no doubt be pleasant," said the 43 years of age.

"Ishqiya", which has bagged four national awards, was released in January 2010 and also starred Naseeruddin Shah and Vidya Balan in pivotal roles. The film was directed by Abhishek Chaubey and was produced by Vishal Bhardwaj.

In "Isqiya" Babban tested Arshad, who is warm-blooded, lusty and mocks the idea of ​​romantic love truth.

Earlier, Arshad worked in "Golmaal" franchise, is now seen in "dhamaal" sequel set to release in June and then the third part of "Lage Raho Munnabhai" release later this year.

While Arshad is to be part of the aftermath of so many, the actor, who began his career in Bollywood in 1996 with the film "Tere mere Sapne", does not enjoy being part of them.

"I feel I have to stay with the aftermath. The new things are better. Sequels are big risks. The expectations are very high because we already have a reference point for you, now they're competing with yourself and at the same time not be overstated. You have to be still in the same area and yet people like it, "said Arshad.

"For me, I do not like doing sequels, I like doing different things. It's like eating the same food every day. It's monotonous to me," he said.

So you continue to make sequels?

"I'll keep doing them. For me, there is a demarcation easy. There is a kind of work that people like me and then there is a job I do. So I am happy, and people. 'Dhamaal' , 'Golmaal', 'Munna Bhai ... ", all these people know you like to see me, so I'll keep doing this as long as they do," he said.

"Movies like 'Saher' and 'Ishqiya', I'll keep doing these because I like them," he said.