Zarine Khan is love?

Hottie Sallu from lost time and character dheela Veer gal track, Zarine Khan was seen with a man in a nightclub Worli.

An onlooker reveals, "Zarine walked around 1 am with a group of friends. There were a couple of guys and a girl gang. His brother also was present. She was wearing a white top and black mini skirt and had a tattoo of a heart inked on his left ankle. One guy in particular stood out as the object of attention. "

The source did not get the guy's name but said: "They were very comfortable in each other's company and were seen flirting. Zarine and maintains this type shower each other with love bites on her cheeks, hands and hugging each other. Interestingly, when you hit the dancefloor, the DJ played her hit song Ready, Hai Character Dheela. The man was wearing blue jeans and white
shirt with gray stripes and has a spiky hairdo. "

Zarine denied the incident saying it was in Goa. When asked confidently says, "He is a dear friend. The reason I was affectionate with him was because he organized the surprise party for me." But she said they are not leaving, "I feel very lonely .

Zarine Hey what happened to your loyalty to Salman?