Movie Review: Dum Dum Maar

Starring: Abhishek Bachchan, Pratik Babbar, Nair Anaitha, Bipasha Basu, Daggubati Rana, Govind Namdeo

Director: Rohan Sippy

Rating: 3.5 / 5

At the end of everything, just a love story reaches a happy ending "Dum Maro Dum." Perhaps one can not say which. What one can say without risk of sounding like a killjoy, is that love is not a popular feeling in the world that covers Rohan Sippy's tense thriller. If you love this hellhole of pleasure then there is only a dead end to wait.

This film is certainly not a cakewalk for the squeamish. Violence dominates the process.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Other Goa. The unseen in Hindi cinema. Unless you look really hard and come to Pankaj Parasher's "Jalwa" 24 years ago. Goa also became the scene of a watchable drama-busting drug.

In DMD, the characters are constantly Goa something self-destructive. You really can not afford to take your eyes off the screen as the lives of three unlikely 'hero' - a policeman from a redeemer, and the other a student who sells his soul for a scholarship and the third, a musician trapped in discordant notes - - converge in most unexpected ways. But then the 'unexpected' only expected in a film that addresses the nexus between crime and hedonistic Goa uneasy conscience, without taking sides.

DMD preventing obtain judgments. The script, by Sridhar Raghavan, assumes a position of moral superiority over crime syndicate without glory of Goa. Inquire about the anatomy of the global drug racket in Goa, the film sweeps us along with a violent shock in a world of doom and condemnation, where the innocent must die and uncorrupted must suffer.

Police role of Abhishek Bachchan as ACP Kamath interesting takes on a moral ambivalence. Yes, the celluloid police has evolved from boil to simmer Bachchan's character in "Zanjeer" laconic law executor almost cynical and acute pain in DMD, you have to make tough decisions, not the last reel, but Reel now.

Intense violence and illicit wealth of the crime syndicate and the immediacy of its annihilation is presented in an irregular line, but unified vision. Often, management seems to favor Rohan Sippy steep uneven path. But hey, that could just be moody cinematography Amit Roy capture the crowd sweating and greed of the drug cartel Goa.

Sippy shows a tremendous bias visual restless. The characters are always moving, although their fate is a mystery even to themselves. Maybe your expectations are exceeded by his greed. The story does not leave enough time to bring us closer to the characters to feel the heat of your pain. A ragged gasp anarchy rules the universe bow Rohan Sippy film hugs.

Some of the characters slip into a warm and personal space in unguarded moments of vulnerability. Abhishek Bachchan, mourning lost family runs through the film as a member can not be pain amputee of the proceedings, no matter how difficult that is. For the role of police Abhishek Kamath infuses a laconic sort of flexibility which makes the police who have remarkably free of self-blame, not to mention the khaki uniform.

How do you want Kamath relation to the troubled world around him was allowed to grow. The only time we see him in a state of mind is interactive with their faithful mercy subordinate to the stereotype, was knocked off.

The film has been edited (by Aarif Shaikh) too hard, sacrificing the need to allow room for emotional growth of the characters in order to move forward with the process of deciphering the case?

Very often we enter into the pain hit the soul of the characters, the minor child played by Pratik Babbar (vulnerable, again!) That is caught in the airport trying to smuggle drugs. Raba musician Daggubati (debut surprising, this) who loses the love of crime. The crime-lord lover, Bipasha Basu (go look at the trauma), in a haze of alcohol and anesthetic drugs, he wondered when he lost his innocence. That is a question that crosses the site. And run too fast.

At some level deeply ironic "Dum Dum Maar" held that the loss of innocence that haunts the shores of many tourist paradise. And yet we see flashes of humanity mark in Rohan Sippy's. Not in the way the actors play these people. Is on the way destiny plays with the dreams of the characters.

Rohan Sippy Goa is a paradise irreversibly damaged. Although visually compelling content plush is not dominated by the style. And yes, the only time that the soundtrack comes to life is disappointing when strains of RD Burman "Dum Maro Dum" game replicated in all its splendor, reminiscent of the bad quality of the rest of the music.