Movie Review: Zokkomon

Starring: Anupam Kher, Darsheel Safary, Manjari Phadnis

Director: Satyajit Bhatkal

Rating: 5.2

moving performances and noble intentions do great cinema. This falls short of expectations, mainly due to the poor special effects and the failure of the conspiracy for takeoff. To imagine a movie about a flying hero without convincing technique to make the flight of fantasy believable, is to imagine an airplane to the ground waiting for authorization for an evening of fog when there is nothing on the horizon is visible.

As "Zakkomon" Darsheel simply does not have wings. He has great charm, no doubt. And his performance is more elaborate and perfected in "Taare Zameen Par." Sad to say that the material support for it is fragile and weak. The effort is notable for its belief that the two main actors, and Safary Kher, are to introduce a movie that seems determined to spoil their own perspectives.

All said and done "Zokkomon" in unable to rise to the occasion. Regarded as a super-hero movie with the youngest superhero in the world, simply do not provide the young hero the space to stretch their wings. The mask is muzzled. The cape is cut in the wings.

Darsheel Safary in the lead role is every inch El Salvador with his own style in the world. Participate seriously. But it allows face in self-importance. He gets wide support from Anupam Kher in the two roles as an evil guy and the scientist. The two actors seem to get the point of making a movie about a flying hero 14 years of age. If only they had better support the technical department.

The inability of the special effects is surprising considering the film comes from the international reputation of Walt Disney producers.

You do not want to see "Zokkomon" as a futile effort. It pushes the envelope a bit to the right direction in providing entertainment for children. Through endearing screen presence Darsheel, the plot is able to overcome its inherent deficiencies and connect with young minds.

The element of fantasy, so essential to drive the plot forward, is overshadowed by the perceived absence of funds. But Darsheel in the company of his inspiring Anupam uncle and gay co-star Manjari Phadnis seems determined to have fun at a party where the agreements are not exactly what awaits the guests.