Salman Khan Farhan Akhtar wishlist

Farhan Akhtar is keen to work with the star Dabangg. However, Salman who is linked to many other projects have chosen not to work with him yet.

After casting Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan in a couple of films, Farhan Salman has come to take a project. This is not the first time. The talented actor, producer and director has come close twice before Salu.

Farhan also reveals that he and Zoya Akhtar was kind to the Khan brothers when they were growing, and remains a close friend of Sohail, Arbaaz and Alvria. However, although it was Salman Khan, who taught cycling and swimming, the actor is constantly busy and has not been around much that the two are best friends.

Well, Salman has been on wish list of many looking head since it happened. But since the actor is completely tied to mid-2012, which is unable to commit any other project.